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A self-recognition tool!

When you allow yourself to hear inside you start at your own pace to access your innate wisdom.

That is my role, to be the messenger of what you still do not hear in you, giving you more confidence and a path on the way forward.

Unleashed the illusion of loneliness, you embrace a new world full of incredible parts of you, feeling the protection of Life in each step of the Journey you chose to do.

You became aware of your purpose, the great and the little ones from day to day.

You develop a relationship of self-love, respect, self-esteem and devotion for you. Soon all your relationships heal, manifesting the innate truth in them - love!

You take your life and your creative power in your hands, ruler of your destiny, embrace a new world within you.

And when you change inside, everything changes outside!

With love,

Filipa Faustino

Sessions - Online:

Angelic Reading - Leitura Angélica®

Reading of the Guardian Angels

Reading of the Angelic Hierarchy Map

Angelic Reading Pregnant & Babies

Angelic Diamond Healing - Healing Diamante Angélico®

Energy DNA Regeneration

Cleaning and Energy Harmonization

Reading of Parallel Lives

Reading of Elemental Parallel Lives

Reading Cosmic Parallel Lives

Reading with the Dragons

Reading with the Soul Dragon

Construction of the Personal Hologram

* All therapies mentioned above were developed by

Filipa Faustino Angel Method®.


Your work Filipa,


it is an open door that allows us to begin an absolutely enriching and magical journey , in group and individually, in the realm of angelic energies.


An immensity of Angels to know and lodge in our structural system, their energy, working in love, our true Being .


Each Angel assists us in healing, of parts of our Self , according to their energy and in the various dimensions that integrate us .


Going further and further, deeper and deeper , in a sublime and transcendent inner deepening .


It is a reconnection, healing and learning for life , not just for the moment.

Thank you very much Filipa ,

Oíche Y.

"I come to give my testimony of Leitura Angélica® (Angelic Reading)!

I really enjoyed the message that was conveyed, in addition to everything you said about the guardians, which was right with my personality,


I felt lighter and more connected with the Universe and with my Angels.


I enjoyed your energy so much, that the next week I wanted to do the Reading of Parallel Lives and I tell you, it was the best thing I did! 


I learned more about myself, I now have a greater awareness of my Selves and I am increasingly connected to myself.


Thank you, thank you very much!. "

Verónica Penas

Luz dos Anjos ® , is the fuel that ignites our heart!

This enlightenment brings us awareness and recognition of the divinity that we are!

With that flame lit we are a pillar of Light and earthly support .

The stars materialize on Earth!

Each incarnate Being is an Angel who is being asked to shine, to illuminate the dark nights of the Soul of each Being, to be a steady beacon!

With love,

Natacha Neto

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