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What is Healing Diamante Angélico® ?

It is a healing of multidimensional angelic regeneration in all dimensions of Being.


The Healing Diamante Angélico® energy is a healing technique anchored in the 13th dimension, with the purpose of healing everything that is in the energy in the various times, spaces, dimensions and I's in which you exist.


In this healing and regeneration technique, you have the possibility to access the energetic threads of your life and change in the here and now what does not allow your happiness to flow.


The full release of patterns, disaggregated and manipulative energies.


The help of the angels is in this pure and effective plan, and through wisdom and angelic power, you will be able to release the illusory meshes in the various areas of life and Being.


This technique also allows the therapist to have yet another very effective tool to help his clients, since he learns to heal from a distance and in person all types of structures in the various bodies that everyone has.

This whole healing and regeneration process was received by the Therapist and Angelic Messenger, Filipa Faustino, from Archangels Michael, Raphael and Faith, so it is a unique method.

You want to learn this healing and regeneration technique by the Inner Angel, cycle to access the teachers:


Do you want to meet a therapist and work with him in your own process, choose the country:

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