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For you who seek to know yourself and truly want to find your way in this Journey that is Life.

A course (long process) or a workshop (short process), aims to facilitate processes and tools in a safe environment so that you can go deeper into your self discovery.

A course presupposes a commitment to you and with your personal evolution, it presupposes that you are really available for a full and conscious change in the way you position yourself in your life.

In a course you make the way back to a full faith in you. On this path, what is not for you, you are choosing to leave, especially everything you have been holding inside yourself for so long.

How to choose one?

From the heart, he always knows which one is perfect for you every moment!


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Available soon

* All course content was developed by

Filipa Faustino Angel Method®.


" The A Luz dos Anjos® course (Light of Angels Course) it was the course that changed my life. The way he looked at life, but mainly the way he saw me, how he “thought he knew me”.


It was immensely transformative. It allowed me to face my fears, my anxieties and in the presence of the Divine Angels to go inside. Go to my depths, have contact with my wounds.


Recognize them, clean them up and accept them. Throughout the course, the awareness of my light, of my value, grew and manifested itself in my life, in everything around me.


The A Luz dos Anjos® course (Light of Angels Course) helped me to bring joy to my life, gratitude for all events and to manifest abundance in the expression of my being. I realized with the course that Self Love has nothing to do with selfishness. Quite the opposite. If we truly love ourselves, allow ourselves to be nourished, the manifestation of our Being, of our Essence will be even more authentic, more sublime.


I am forever grateful to Filipa Faustino and the Angels for having accompanied me and provided this wonderful experience. For having changed my life. For the new look they awakened in me.


And mainly for all the unconditional Love that you have manifested and manifest.


Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude! "

Eliany Duarte

Heavenly Abundance Course


It is a course provided by a wonderful BEING that words are unable to describe or qualify - FILIPA FAUSTINO !


This course is a fantastic journey, unparalleled to the deepest part of our SELF , in that it allows us to find the inner peace and light that are fundamental to appease anxiety and insecurities fueled by beliefs.


It allows you to learn the true meaning of Abundance and to change your paradigms , to grow in love and in the certainty that you have a purpose to fulfill in this life and that your happiness is included in that purpose because that is what you live for!


But it allows you to learn much more!


Give yourself all the tools to be an ABUNDANT and HAPPY BEING , to achieve your goals and spread happiness inside and outside of you, around you!


You are assured that you are a BEING loved and protected by the angels and you are everything that you allow yourself and want to be.


Try it and you'll know what I'm talking about!


Gratitude Beautiful Angel! 😘

Fernanda Braz

Dragons' energy Course is deep, magical and powerful


I learned the strength of the elements


.I deepened the knowledge of my pains. Pains that I didn't even notice about its existence. with


Dragons feel empowered in us, they are strong warriors and our protective allies.


I Florbela grateful to You Filipa Faustino

Florbela Ferreira