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About me

I'm Filipa,

passionate about Life, the planet and especially everything that is invisible to most people.

Since I was very young, I am very aware of my Angels, and I have the blessing of being able to contact many of the Beings of Love that inhabit the Universe.


I believe from the depths of my Soul that we are all Angels on our Ascension path. All my work is guided only by one purpose: to reactivate your Inner Angel, with the angelic wisdom that I learned from my Angelic Hierarchy to enhance your processes, so that we can all walk free and in conscience back to the greatness of our Being.

I am the daughter of the Cosmos, I am the daughter of the Earth, I am a Druid in every pulse of my heart, and my atoms carry in them the Light of a thousand stars, more than that, I carry in me the wisdom of all that i was, all than I am and all my human, stellar ancestors, my Soul, my Inner Angel.

I am devoted to the ancient Goddesses, especially those who pulse in me, Celts and Vikings, I am devoted to the great Mother, who materialized me on Earth, through her Belly of Love.

I am 34 years old and I found the Goddess in me next to my Inner Angel.

I found your magical people and all the parts of me that live there too.

I believe in Angels, Elves, Fairies and Unicorns, I have magical, terrestrial and stellar guides, for a long time I tried to be heaven, but now I know that to be heaven is to be on earth, it is to accept that I also see the people who live in other plans, that they talk to me, that I also fulfill the missions they give me.

Now I belong, I belong everywhere.

I belong to life and the entire Universe.

Together, we always go further!

Founder of the Filipa Faustino Angel Method® brand.

Facilitator and creator of the courses: A Luz dos Anjos® - Archangel Academy, Healing Diamante Angélico®,

creator of the Leitura Angélica® (Angelic Reading) method.

Creator and co-presenter of Videocast HumorCosmico®.

Co-founder of the OAK space.

Graduated in Family Systemic Constellations; Aura reading;

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP); Clinical Hypnosis and Coach.

Bard and member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.


Filipa Faustino.jpg

"Hello Filipa .

I am grateful to have started the Guardian Angels course, it was unexpected, however at a crucial moment in my life.


Filipa, colleagues, classes have helped me a lot in my evolution, as a human being and soul, overcoming barriers that I didn't even know I had.


It is a course that allows us to know ourselves and walk to our true potential as a spirit. "

Sara Kral




The course A Luz dos Anjos®  (Light of the Angels Course) has been part of my journey for some years now.


It is a validation of the wonderful presence of Angels in my life.


It is awakening to the awareness of His presence in our daily lives


Some with great sweetness in learning, others more assertive, and others even more "demanding" in learning.


Type maternal energy versus father energy.


I learned to self-recognize myself in the actions / attitudes of others as mirrors that we are.


I learned the connection to Love with Love. I thank Florbela for you Filipa Anjo .

Florbela F.

Guardian Angels Course


This course has changed many of my perspectives on me and my beloved Guardians, who have always been with me.


It is a unique experience of reconnecting to our deepest Self , our primordial essence, rekindling the fire of internal knowledge in a magnanimous transformation that elevates our Soul, accessing its ancestral wisdom .


It is a course with practical applicability in our experience , which allows us to truly exist with who we are.


Absorbing and integrating all the potential that this course provides, we have a greater capacity for conscious co-creation in love and truth , especially with us.

I adore you Filipa Faustino ,

Marta Almeida

Mulheres praticando ioga ao ar livre

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